Rolling Doors and Fire Doors in Brunswick, GA

Rolling and fire doors play a critical role in protecting your property. Not only do they provide fire protection, but rolling doors offer unique designs, various finishes, and options to keep wandering eyes away from your goods.

Garage Door of Brunswick offers a wide array of commercial door products, including rolling steel, sectional, high-speed, fire doors, counter shutters, dock leveler equipment, steel entry doors, and electrical door operators. We’re here for individuals looking to make significant upgrades to their facilities, as these doors provide superior levels of protection that separate them from more traditional options.

Is it time to get your hands on rolling doors and fire doors in Brunswick, GA? Team up with Garage Door of Brunswick today for a fantastic array of customized fire doors and rolling steel doors. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and evaluation of your facility to determine what suits you and your team best. Our experienced contractors can help you select from an excellent set of designs and identify the commercial roll up door or fire rated garage doors that fit best.


Fabricated of interlocking steel, stainless steel, or aluminum curtains in a variety of slat profiles, finishes, and options, our doors are designed for durability, serviceability, and good looks.


Our Advanced Service Doors are designed to meet the most demanding requirements for rolling steel service doors.


A wide array of rolling steel doors built to demanding fire-safety standards and discerning aesthetic requirements.


The high cycles and faster speed of a high-performance door with the security and durability of a rolling steel door.


Rolling counter doors provide a multitude of attractive solutions for smaller openings.


An array of attractive solutions for a spectrum of retail, commercial, and industrial applications.


An array of attractive solutions for a spectrum of retail, commercial, and industrial applications.


These doors add dramatic curb appeal to both traditional and modern homes at an affordable price.

Secure Your Roll Up Door Installation From Southeastern Georgia’s Finest Garage Door Experts

We understand how frustrating it can be to feel the risk of fire in your facility or failing attempts to meet demanding fire safety standards. But we also understand the peace of mind and protection that comes with a fire rated door or knowing that your roll up door installation is being performed by one of the best companies in the region.

That’s why our team offers premium rolling doors and fire doors for Brunswick, GA. But we don’t just stop there. Our specialists take our talents all over the region and serve customers in the following surrounding areas:

  • Waycross
  • Astoria
  • Hoboken
  • Nahunta
  • Lulaton
  • Atkinson
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Roll Up Garage Doors — What They Can Do For You

Getting a roll up door installation has changed the fortunes of many commercial businesses. They offer superior protection without compromising durability, comfort, or care. Our commercial roll up door installations also come with a host of design and aesthetic changes you can make, meaning there are doors for all needs and requirements. Best of all, roll up doors provide a weatherproof entryway to separate unruly weather events from your facility.

Additionally, getting a roll up service door provides a ton of large and small benefits that make them worth the price of admission. Learn more about the advantages you’ll immediately receive the minute you get yours installed:

  • Roll up garage doors are perfect insulators.
  • A rolling gate provides an extra layer of protection.
  • A roll up door can hide frustrating outside noises.
  • Roll up doors require very little amounts of maintenance.
  • Doors roll upwards, saving a ton of space within your facility.

Want to find out more ways roll up doors can satisfy your needs? Reach out to Garage Door of Brunswick — the expert provider of rolling doors and fire doors in Brunswick, GA, and throw your questions our way.

Get Fire Rated Doors and Protect Yourself Against a Worst-Case Scenario

No one wants to even think about a fire, but you’ll be doing yourself an injustice if you don’t consider protecting your property with a rolling fire door. Smoke detectors and other fire alert systems can only do so much. Adding fire doors built to safety standards protects major parts of your facility from a fire or alarm event, keeping workers safe and including options for added protection features.

Our technicians are trained and skilled and can operate with, service, and install doors that meet safety standards and withstand serious heat and fire. In a dangerous event, every second counts. Having fire doors can separate fire-filled areas from others and keep fires at bay for long enough that individuals can escape or for the fire to be put out.

Your company and crew deserve the highest level of protection. With our fire rated rolling doors or any of our other groupings of garage doors meant to keep fires at bay, we’ve got what you need. Contact us today for rolling doors and fire doors in Brunswick, GA.

How Security Grilles Can Provide Protection You Didn’t Know You Needed

Security grilles are often found in retail locations like malls, in addition to various industrial and commercial areas. In addition to a fire rated garage door or a rolling gate, Garage Door of Brunswick can provide your business with premium quality security grilles.

Made with unique designs and from some of the highest quality materials available, security grilles perform the dual task of ensuring airflow and preventing intrusions or trespassers. Grilles are perfect for shopping malls, schools, restaurants or shops, and so many more businesses in need of an extra layer of protection without compromising visual appeal. The versatility of a security grille is unmatched, so get yours today.

For Quality Rolling Doors and Fire Doors in Brunswick, GA, Look No Further Than Garage Door of Brunswick

Upgrade your standard garage door system to a quality set of rolling and fire rated doors today. Garage Door of Brunswick is the premier provider of security grilles, roll up garage doors, and doors that repel fires and protect your property or workers from emergency situations. So give our team a call today and take advantage of premium materials and an expert installation service designed to leave a smile on your face and provide safety for years to come.

Not only are we a leading provider of rolling doors and fire doors in Brunswick, GA, but we also ensure safety and fire protection in the surrounding areas of Waycross, Astoria, Hoboken, Nahunta, Lulaton, and Atkinson, GA. Additionally, you can get your hands on our various service offerings for businesses in the area, like our commercial repairs and our large selection of commercial garage doors.

For more information, reach out to Garage Door of Brunswick today. Get superior protection with a new roll up fire door, or protect exposed components and property with a well-designed rolling door!