It’s that time of the year again. Winter is here and you’re doing everything you can to keep the cold air out of your home. Winterizing your garage door is a great way to help prepare your home for the upcoming season.

What does winterizing your garage door mean? It means ensuring your garage door is properly sealed and able to keep the winter weather out of your garage. A properly sealed garage door can help protect your garage and your home from damage this winter.

There are different ways to winterize your garage door. We at Garage Door of Brunswick want to give you some suggestions for preparing your garage door for winter.


Before starting any winterizing projects on your garage door, you should look and see if your garage door is still in good condition. Check to see if it opens and closes properly and that there are no damages to the door or its equipment. Adding any type of insulation or weather stripping to your door will not be as effective if the door itself has other problems. 

See any cracks or holes in the door? Is the door not working properly? Don’t worry! You can call Garage Door of Brunswick and we’ll come out and take care of all your garage door problems.


One way to winterize your garage door is with insulation. Insulation helps keep the cold weather outside and the heat inside. This makes your garage stay at a more consistent temperature all through the winter.

An insulated garage door can be more energy efficient, which can help lower your electric and heating bills. Adding insulation can also increase the durability of your garage door. 

Not sure how to insulate a garage door? That’s where we come in! Garage Door of Brunswick is happy to help with all your garage door insulation needs. 


Weather stripping is another great idea for prepping your garage door for winter. Weather stripping is typically a piece of rubber or vinyl that’s applied to the bottom of your garage door. This helps create a stronger seal when the door is closed. Weather stripping can prevent water and bugs from sneaking in through the bottom of the door.

Your garage door may already have weather stripping on it, but it may need to be replaced. If you see light coming in through the bottom of the door, or if you can feel the wind coming through even when the garage door is closed, your weather stripping may be worn-out. Worn-out weather stripping will not be nearly as effective in sealing your garage door, and you should consider replacing it before it gets too cold. 

If your weather stripping does need replacement, we at Garage Door of Brunswick are happy to be of assistance! Our garage door experts can help you pick out the best weather stripping for your garage door and install it for you. 


Winter is approaching quickly, and you have better things to focus on than winterizing your garage door. So, let us do the hard work for you! Garage Door of Brunswick has garage door experts to help with all your winter garage door projects. Call us today or contact us through our website!

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